IPED2015 is a novel drug candidate in preclinical phase for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). IPED2015 has a unique dual monoamine (serotonin-dopamine) reuptake inhibition profile distinct from the known monoamine reuptake inhibitors. IPED2015 is one out of about 200 analogues that showed unique erectile properties. The knowledge about Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) within the field of monoamine reuptake inhibitors was built from about 2000 chemical structures and the range of diversity was partly illustrated in a scientific publication (Jørgensen et al. 2008). In agreement with both in vitro and in vivo measures of the ability to inhibit DA transporter function, IPED2015 induced slow-on/slow-off increases in locomotor activity when tested in mice habituated to the test environment that support a non-abuse profile. IPED2015 was found to be selective for the relevant molecular targets in the MDS LeadProfilingScreen, consisting of 67 different receptors, transporters and ion channels. In addition IPED2015 was stable in a multi-species liver microsome screen, no drug-drug interaction risk by no CYP enzyme issue, no cardiac related adverse effects in vitro (hERG) and was found to be AMES negative.